Friday, 22 October 2010

RIP Sir Stripe

22 Years ago I visited my brother, on his lounge floor was a very long cardboard poster tube about 4 times as wide as a toilet roll tube. Poking out of one end was a fuzzy tailed bottom and poking out the other end was a little white and black head with whiskers.  I thought thats one very long kitty then from one end emerged Gizmo and from the other Stripes head eventually appeared. They were the smartest, sweetest bundles of fluff going, they played ball and would bat rolled up balls of paper back to you time and time again, Gizmo loved to lie on my brothers pc keyboard or if Kev was working he would lay across the monitor. Sadly Gizzy got hit by a car years ago but Sir Stripe carried on being my brothers constant companion. He had his problems as he aged not least of which was his peeing, the last few years my brother has had to carry Sir Stripe to the yard and squeeze his tummy to stimulate his urination process as Stripe could not go otherwise. He would not walk himself but instead chose to mew ( Very Loudly ) to let his mode of transport ( my brother ) know he needed moving elsewhere, he became a very demanding old fellow. But my brother never complained about it he just got on with it as you do when you love an animal, Stripy was not suffering but was a very contented ( if a tad fussy ) cat and he was much loved.

This morning I spoke to my dad who told me that Stripe had a terrible night passing blood in his urine and poop on and off all night so my brother took him to the vet and he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I have not spoken to my brother yet as I don’t want to get on the phone and blub when he is feeling bad enough already but I will go and see him tonight or tomorrow.

But The brothers in mischief are together again and no doubt creating havoc at their joy of being together again. So run free boys and have fun and thank you for looking after my brother so well and being there for him when he would never let anyone else be.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Sir Stripe. He sounds like an amazing cat and your brother sounds pretty incredible for giving him such a wonderful home.. And 22 years, that's amazing! Rest in peace, dear Stripe!

    Your pal, Pip