Thursday, 21 October 2010

Simple Pleasures

I often ponder upon random disjointed things but often come back to the way we view things. As children we always believe in Happy Ever After it is only as we grow that we find that sometime happy ever after can be difficult to attain. However I still find my ingrained child popping out now and then to look at the world with wonder and awe. Last night I took Richie for a late night walk ( he thought he wanted to poop but he just wanted to be nosy ) and after what had been a very cold day we had the most beautiful clear skies. I found myself wandering along with Richie ambling along the grass beside me but I had my eyes heavenward, the stars were so bright and it  took my breath away at just how beautiful the heavens are. I do believe that simple pleasures are often the best ones, seeing the stars at their best , cuddles from a warm snuggly dog who looks at you with pure unconditional love, My son as a toddler sitting in his Thomas the tank engine rocking chair surrounded by torn Christmas wrapping paper just giggling his head off, Molly bimbling around the garden looking for a spot to lay in the sunshine, watching the sunrise over Texas hill country whilst on horseback. These are the memories to treasure and hold onto, material things are not the the things that last in my opinion, I have so many wonderful pictures I can just call on in my mind of simple moments like this that can give me the warm fuzzies.

I  have another round of jollop to come and they want me to go for my review on Christmas Eve ( not going to happen am going to rearrange that one ) but when things get bad I am going to pull one of these warm memories out of the muddle that is my mind and I am going to smile the biggest goofiest smile ever.

With love

Mollys & Richies Momma Tea



  1. Yep, we agree - those simple, beautiful moments are the best and sometimes easy to overlook. All your memories sound wonderful - we have never been to Texas so can't speak to that one.

    I hope you can re-schedule the review. Not a very nice way to spend Christmas Eve. Good luck with the jollop!

    Your pals, Pip & Kristin

  2. Those simple things are sometimes the very best! Well said, Momma Tea!

    I hope you can reschedule your review but I'm hoping the review brings great news and in that case it doesn't matter what day you have it.

    Lots of hugs,
    Zona and mom

  3. I have those moments on awe as well. Sometimes as I am driving (I spend an insane amount of time in the car- at least 2 hours each day) I see beautiful sunsets or sunrises. I am always amazed at the true beauty... :)