Sunday, 24 October 2010

Well the day has finally arrived

Later on our surprise will be revealed in all it’s glory, I am excited and nervous and all twitterpated. We are due to rendezvous at 2 pm GMT and it is a two hour drive back. So it will be a while before ‘surprise’ actually gets home at long last. I guess it will be a case of watch this space as it will be updated as soon as humanly possible. I do hope this all goes smoothly as I will be devastated if it doesn’t .


Momma Tea


  1. I'll be waiting and checking in!! Can't wait!


  2. Everything will go fine. I am off to bed. Can't wait to wake up and check in on the surprise!

    Love, Pip

  3. oh I am sooo upset!!! My moms will be out of the office when your secret surprise is revealed!!! She is having "some me time with her girlfrinds" - Pug wash!!! Da nerve!!! My moms turned my twitter off cuz she says there is just no time for her to do her own thing without having to jot this or that for me. Can you double believe that nerve of her. How selfish!!!!Ha! little does she know I sneak and twitter on my own. I speak my meassages and since Lala has tinier paws, she finnegals the chatty box. Geez! These hoomans....... know where I could hire one that will work for licks 24/7 at my I mean command! Ohhhhh snaps....

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO