Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I am off out tomorrow for about half an hour and am leaving the kidlets for the first time. To say I am nervous is putting it mildly but it has to be done sooner rather than later as I have a week of jollop again next week ( deep joy ). But I am nipping down to the local vets to pick up pdsa registration forms as it will be a lot more reasonable to get my girl spayed by them and she must be spayed bless her she will also need a dental at some time in the next few months also, it would be great if they could do it all in one go but it depends on what the docs say. She is such a sweetie though and follows me round the house just as Richie does I cannot even go to the bathroom without two furry faces peering round the door to check where I am, I have two little shadows and it is wonderful. Ronnii is still somewhat nervous but in time her confidence will improve I am positive of that. I got a little Christmas house out of storage a couple of days ago and she keeps just popping in it turning round and coming out again but tonight she toddled in and rearranged the bedding before coming out again which seems promising to me, she has also shown an interest in rawhide chews which makes me think she is starting to feel more at home and settled here now. To say I am a proud Yorkie Mom is putting it mildly and I am a very proud Richie Mom too. My boy is just being a complete babe with Ronnii although he is still Captain Shouty every now and then but I love them both so much and could not be happier with my kidlets.


Momma Tea


  1. Oh, so glad everyone is settling in. Pip needs a dental soon, too. I am not looking forward to it because it makes me nervous putting him under at 13. He usually needs a dental every few years so the time has come ...

    Hope you can get some photos or video of the two of them following you around together. Sounds very cute!


  2. They'll do fine!

    Happy Wednesday!
    Woofs and Kisses,
    The Fiesty Three

  3. They sound gorgeous!! Maybe I can bring Mikey to meet them at some point if it won't freak them out too much (and you can meet him too!)

  4. Such sweeties you have with Ronnii and Richie!! How'd they do alone today?

    We'll be sending extra special vibes to you next week!!!