Monday, 1 November 2010

Well what a first week it has been .

The first week with Ronnii has certainly been hectic. What with her having an upset tummy and then passing the bug onto Richie so that meant two trips to the vet ( Richie was due his heart check up anyway ), then trying to get my little miss to actually take her tablets without her spitting them across the kitchen floor. She sucks off whatever I put round them then spits the pill flying it must be comical to see me scrabbling after it but I make sure it gets into her in the end. Ronnii has shown Richie that it is fine to poop in the back yard something I have been trying to get him to do since he arrived, I even went as far as bringing his poop home from walkies and putting it out there to no avail but along walks Ronnii and now Richie will happily poop out there YAY !

I have discovered Ronnii can do tricks, she will high five and roll over bless her and her resemblance to a Mogwai is not just visual but she sings like one too when you hold her it is so sweet. When we all go walkies it is just the sweetest thing as she and Richie walk so well together although the peeing competition is still in full force and I do believe Richie is in the lead ( if only for sheer volume….LOL ).

Sometimes I look at her sleeping and she looks so much like Molly it is spooky, I like to think Molly had a paw in Ronnii being the one for me . All in all even though it has been a hectic week for me,  for Richie and his new sister it has been pretty good.



Momma Tea


  1. OoH Momma Tea,

    Happy to hear dat all is goin' well wif Ronnii and Richie. You can bets dat our sweet Molly had a part in you gettin' Ronnii. Mom and me beleeves it fur sure!:)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Ha! You just gave me an idea. I wonder if (when gracie was a pup) I would have picked up her poop and put it out in the yard instead of throwing it away, if she would have got the hint and started going outside and doing her business instead of doing it on the floor/??? Hmmm Well, too late for that now since she's six. But boy, that just might have worked in some of my darkest doggie hours... lol

  3. She really does look a lot like Molly! That picture of her sleeping just precious and so like Molly.

    Your pal, Pip