Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Nights Soliloquy

It’s been a quiet weekend well except for when I was at my folks because my son is rather noisy. He does like to sing at the top of his voice and he tramples about like a herd of elephants.

My Saturday started with me getting up with the lark to get to the vets to pay half of Ronnii’s bill the other half if being done later this week so after  I had got them to explain the most confusing bills I have seen I left to meet up with my son and Mom. They were late so I was bloody frozen by the time they got there, as I had left the house without my morning coffee we went and had one and then wandered round Hythe for a while, Mom treated us to lunch and then we headed backs to Moms. Where I was treated to lots of hugs from my now hairy legged son. This was wonderful as most of the time he is either too busy with schoolwork or feels he is to big for hugs now, me I will never be too big or old for hugs with him.

We had friends round in the evening which is always nice especially these two as they are such a super couple, a darn good laugh and we both adore them to bits.

Today was grocery shopping for me, I left the OH in bed in the vain hopes Richie would not shout when I left so OH could get a lay in, no such luck sadly and as I was sailing past on the bus I saw OH coming out of our gate to walk Captain Shouty and Miss Bossy Knickers. I managed to get a few bits n bobs so the OH has something to open on his Birthday which was great and got a spiffy card for the furballs to give to him so think I have that all covered now.

Now I cannot go into details here but I am really fed up with people saying they will do something then not. I am starting to seriously lose my patience now but have no idea how to deal with this problem, no matter what way I look at it I see major ramifications and none of them nice. Grrrrrr this is one of those ‘it’s so not fair’ moments but the situation is really getting me down now.

Right onto something lighter now, my dearest Pop has ordered me a new wig for when my fur falls out again and I actually like this which is good especially as I have a wedding to go to in a couple of months and would really like to have long hair for that………….. Now I will, YAY for my Pop is all I can say.

Thats about it for now except life with the furry ones has settled completely back  to normal now thank goodness. It is so nice to have my normal furballs back !



Momma Tea


  1. Brilliant that you had loads of hugs from your son. :-)

    Is your OH working on his birthday?

  2. I am so glad that you had a wonderful visit with your SON and with your parents. Your dad gets an A+ for the wig. That is fantastic!
    Please wish your OH a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me.
    Glad that R. & R. have finally settled down.

  3. Yea for good days with family!! Glad you got lots of hugs!

    What color wig did your dad get you? He sounds like a pretty wonderful dad.

    I laughed about your being on the bus and seeing Richie and Ronnii outside with OH. I never let my parents sleep in either.

    Love, PIp

  4. Sounds like a great time! Being with family is always fun....