Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Whinge Of My Own, Why should I be left out !

I had a wonderful musically based blog planned for today but the events of last night have eclipsed all thoughts this post that was going to be titled ‘ What ever happened to Babylon Zoo’, it may appear in the future if I can ever remember what I was going to put. I have managed to get about two hours sleep, this is all because of a certain little mans hormones and constant whining, whinging, moaning, mithering and general woe is me noises all night long. They are continuing this morning and look set to stay for the day. I do feel for him poor fella but lack of sleep, no smokes left and feeling grotty myself is making my sympathy wear a little thin to say the least. Thank heavens for coffee is all I can say as that is all that is keeping me going right now.

I will state now publically that I will never ever have un neutered dogs again, in fact I will go so far as to state from now on this will be a single sex animals house . I vow to only own boys OR girls in the future. I have had no experience of pets in heat before and have no idea how long the ‘ come and get me big boy ‘ stage lasts but after a week of it I cannot wait for it to end. Ronnii bless her is happily laying on her Pop sounds asleep blissfully unaware of the havoc her pheromones are causing, but she does not help when she is awake by sticking her butt in poor Richies face and moving her tail suggestively to one side for him to get easy access. No wonder the lad thinks she is a strumpet………

The Oh half has wondered if it is all down to Ronniis seasonal odour or if perhaps Richie is moaning because he feels unwell, but he is eating fine, still wanting his walks and is his usual bright self apart from the whining so I don’t think he is feeling off colour. I did just point out that if boy dogs can smell a female in heat from miles away then our home must smell pretty damn potent to Richie.

Oh boys and their hormones ! Our home is Frustration city to poor Richie right now and ‘Damn the humans have thwarted my seduction attempts yet again’ to Ronnii.

So endeth my whinge on hormones


Momma Tea


  1. Goodness. What a mess. Hope it's over soon!

  2. Yikes!! Here's hoping it's over soon, just like Maggie!

    Is it wrong that I chuckled over the image of Ronnii saying to Richie, "Come and get me big boy?" ;)


  3. Hang in there! It won't last forever! Can Richie still be neutered? It is a less invasive surgery than a spay for Ronnii.