Sunday, 9 January 2011

Strange Sunday

My day didn’t start well, I was up and all ready and waiting for my Dad to collect me on route to picking my son up from his school when the phone rang. It was my Mom to tell me Dad would be picking my son up and taking him back there before him returning this way to collect me. Which kind of defeated the object of me being there to meet DS ( Darling Son ) for his return. So I said not to bother as it seems silly, so then I got all morose and moody and I ended up stomping out of the house. All of this so far could have been avoided if I had stayed at my parents last night as was originally planned.

Anyhoo I stomped up the road to get on a bus to somewhere when I decided to phone a taxi and head up to the school on my own, as it turned out I beat my Pop there much to his surprise. The coach duly arrived and a very tired and somewhat bruised DS got off with his neck brace on, he is in  quite a bit of pain and his gorgeous face is bruised but that will fade and he will still be gorgeous. He wanted me to go back to my folks with him which I did and it was wonderful to spend time with him and get a few hugs in. He will be seeing his own Doctor tomorrow as all him medical documentation from his hospital visit is in Italian so makes no sense to us at all. DS has said that his neck is straight when it should be bent !?!? Quite what that means is beyond me but I guess we will find out. The poor lad is exhausted but he did enjoy the trip which is the whole point. He seems to have gained some confidence which is great news. He needs to gain more confidence still though but this is a step in the right direction.

I am just so proud of him I could pop with it all. I am also heartily relieved he is not seriously injured I’m not sure what I would have done if he had been. No matter what he goes through health wise he always smiles through it bless him, he is growing up so dang fast I really do wish I could use the pause button on a remote on him though. I kinda miss my little boy although my young man is rather wonderful.

Anyway I did tell him how I got on at my review and he took it all in his stride, I also informed him his Dad’s surgery on Thursday had gone well but he didn’t seem to bothered about that one way or another but they do seem to have a love/hate relationship these days. I guess divorced families all handle things differently.


That seems to be it for now but I want to thank everyone for the kind words and wonderful support , You guys really rock !



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  1. Hi - Glad he is home safe and sound. I imagine that was really scary having him so far away when the accident happened. And good his confidence is growing ... confidence is so important to cultivate in kids. It makes life so much easier.

    I just returned from my grandma's house. My mom was off dealing with some family stuff this weekend. Of course, I missed her and got a little sick at grandma's house. I get pretty stressed being away from home plus I am basically a mama's boy.

    Love, Pip