Tuesday, 1 February 2011

This, That n Something Else

Off to see the blood suckers this afternoon to get my seizure med levels checked as they are obviously not right but with all the other stuff that has been going in bod for the last couple of years it is hardly surprising my levels are going all hinky really.

Today is my OH’s birthday and he only had a couple of things to open as the gift the furballs ordered has not arrived and I can’t get him his main gift until I have some money ( oh the joy of vet bills……lol ) thankfully he feels the same as me in that the pooch’s come first bless him. But he loved the head torch the babes gave him so he can see where he is going when he goes off down holes in the hills and exploring. He liked the DVD I got him as well which is good. I haven’t managed to make a cake so am buying one later ( he has special pirate candles for it but shhhh don’t tell him ). He is out visiting the furballs Uncle Ru at the moment as Uncle Ru’s back is playing up. He is another one of our awesome friends, the card he sent Steve got him rather choked as the words meant a lot to my OH. Sometimes I don’t think my OH realises how much people care about him so when he see’s it put into words he gets a bit stunned. He really does not have a clue how bloomin great he is the silly sausage.

I hope he is having a nice visit it seems ages since we have seen Ru, goodness me it was before Crimbo as soon as he is feeling better we will have to all get together me thinks.

Am a bit concerned about our Richie as he is slowing down these days, not so keen on his walkies which is most unlike him and he didn’t eat yesterday . His tummy was uber gurgly and noisy all night long and he came down at about 4-40 am and had a poop in the kitchen, when I came down to look for him he was cowering on the front door mat poor boy. So I just scooped him up and gave him cuddles and big loves to let him know that I wasn’t cross. It really makes me wonder what on earth his past was like to get that reaction from him. His tummy is squitty this morning so he has had some anti squit jollop and I am going to keep a close eye on him if he is no better tomorrow I will get him checked out. He is still not fancying food but if his tum is upset that is not unusual really. I took him back up to bed after our late nite snuggle fest and he  hunkered down under the duvet with his head on the pillow like this


and he went to sleep being cuddle by Mom which was rather lovely for me.

Anyway have a lovely day all of you


Momma Tea


  1. Hope your dr. visit goes well. Hope Richie is feeling much better soon!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  2. Poor Richie. I hope he feels better soon.
    I hope you get on ok with the vampires too.
    Take care matey.
    Sue -x-

  3. Steve has always seemed likes a wonderful man. I thinks he'll just be as happy with spending time withs ya'll than to gets any gifts. Mum and dad don't do gifts anymores.

    Poor Richie! I feels so bad fur him and especially when he thoughts he was gonna gets in trubles. Dats sad. Please gets betters !


  4. Let me add my hope for a good Vampire report.
    I wonder if Richie might be having some residual effects from... Ronnii's exciting Scent!!???
    Glad that the OH liked his head torch. I was sure that would make a hit.
    Wish him a Happy Birthday from OHIO!!!
    Hugs from the hill.

  5. I am sending lots of yorkie love for your doctor's visit. Hoping that the seizure monster leaves you alone once and for all!

    Happy Birthday to your OH. I agree with Puddles, time with family is the best gift of all. And he does sound like a wonderful person!

    Poor Richie. As you know, I just got over the tummy troubles so I feel for him. My paws are crossed that he feels better soon.

    Love, Pip

  6. More good vibes for a good doctor visit!

    I'm so glad that Richie has you. Poor little guy being afraid of getting in trouble for being sick... I bet he felt so secure after getting love from you and snuggling up for a little more sleep.


  7. Momma Tea,

    I am sending all of you my puppy prayers. Paws crossed dat all is better today.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae