Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tuesdays Waffle

Thankfully Ronnii is back to normal now, her usual bossy slightly grumble-some adorable self. I think the tooth & ear cleaning has made her feel a lot better in herself, there is certainly no more frantic ear scratching. The vet said her ears were in a terrible state which made me feel so guilty that we didn’t get it sorted sooner . Unfortunately her insurance is void because she is not the youngster I told them she was but at the time I didn’t know any different although I had a mild suspicion she was older than we were told. When you get a rescue dog thats one of the things though you don’t know anything, very little history so you can only go by what you are told. Then again where you get them from only know what they are told by the vets that asses them so it is all taken on good faith by all concerned. Obviously I have not submitted a claim to our insurers and am shopping around for a policy that covers older dogs with a reasonable premium ( blooming hard task I must say ) ,  I wanted a younger dog so we would have them around for longer and  of course the health issues with a younger dog are smaller but I would not swap our girl for all the money in the world. She is part of our family and we all adore her so much even if she does grumble at us.

Yesterday I finally managed to see my GP about my icky throat and I have a throat and gland infection so now have stronger antibiotics to take. The dogs are loving it because I have no voice to tell them no with so they are getting away with murder bless them. I think the other half is enjoying the peace and quiet too…..lol. My son is all mended and back at school now so thats good and one less thing to worry about, I suspect he is seeing his Dad this weekend so I will be seeing him next week sometime and I cant wait. I don’t see enough of him by any means but he has so much on his plate with the masses of homework he gets and having to see his Dad too so I take a back seat. He knows I am here for him if he needs me and he knows I love him more than life itself and as long as he is happy thats the main thing for me.

My next round of treatment is all arranged now can’t say i am looking forward to it but it is a means to an end which is the important thing the thing that peeves me most is losing my hair yet again but it is a small price to pay to ultimately get a normal life back again if that is ever possible considering my son wants to continue living with my folks even when I am well again. But it has to better than the life I have now so hey ho and on we go. Which reminds me I must send my Pop the link for the new wig I would I like .

YAY long hair here I come so let the good times roll.


Momma Tea

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  1. Hi Momma Tea, I am so glad Ronnii and your son are on the mend. I hope you get to spend lots of time with your son next week - I am sure it will be good for both of you!

    I will be having my teeth cleaned soon. Mama says I have very yucky breath. I went to the vet yesterday because I am having more intestinal problems. I am now on special food and some anti-biotics. I actually really like the food! It is better than bland low fat food I have been on for the last few years.

    I am so sorry you have to have another round of treatment. I am sending you lots of yorkie hugs and kisses.

    Love, Pip