Monday, 21 February 2011

In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back. ( Charlie Brown )

I have stopped feeling quite so sorry for myself now as I am more worried about my darling Richie. He has been off colour for a couple of weeks and I just thought it was him getting older and slowing down a bit. But on Saturday he didn’t eat a thing and he had me up all night. He could not settle and did a lot of gulping and chop smacking then the vomiting started. In the wee smalls hours when he could hardly stand I started to get really scared that if I took him to see the vet he would not be coming home again.

We did get him to the emergency vet and he DID come home again but I am still very concerned, I know it takes a couple of days for any meds to start working their mojo but you can’t help worrying when you love them so much. He managed a little scrambled egg and polenta last night but he isn’t interested in anything yet today but maybe when The Popster comes home with a nice roast chicken he may change his mind. I am hoping so anyway. He was so brave at the vets as he had a huge antibiotic injection and he had blood taken and not a whimper I am so proud of him although he was less than impressed with where the thermometer went bless him. So now I feel a little like a pharmacist in the morning as he is now having 5 different medications a day instead of his usual 3 but he takes them all no problem with a dollop of crunchy peanut butter. He is getting extra loving at the moment as he deserves it and Ronnii is watching over him. It is so lovely to see the two of them snuggled up together. I have to add how happy Richie is after his declaration of love on Valentines day to a certain lady in Houston because she has done a post about him and she thinks he is better than Johnny Depp !!!! You can read that post HERE.

I am going to have to Ronnii to a groomer as soon as I can as she has a few mats round her front legs and she will not let me tease them out, I can do her back, sides and legs no problem but she wont let me brush underneath. Her confidence is growing every day now and when her leash comes out she dances with excitement she is just a lovely little girl but boy can she whinge……………….lol. When we are both home we get a lot of whinging as she cannot make up her mind who she wants to be with poor lamb, she is also uber whingy when her Popster leaves for work she is such a daddy's girl.

I have not felt up to blogging over the last week but I & the furbabes logged in to catch up on everyone and boy were we surprised. Darling Frankie Momma TEA 005 had done a special post just for me you can read it HERE. Frankie is the sweetest little guy and what he has done to show his support for me had me blubbing like a big blubby thing from Blubbville on Planet Blubtopia. He has shaved a bald spot on his gorgeous head so I won’t be alone as my fur falls out, what an awesome young man he is. The support and friendship I have found through the blogville residents is so amazing and makes me feel so blessed. Thank You all so much you cannot begin to know how much it means to me.

Now Frankie is a little worried as one of his wives Ruby has had a bad allergic reaction to her annual shots and the poor lass is all swollen up so please send her healing vibes and cross your paws for her. Allergies are no fun as many of us know so we are hoping she feels better really soon.


I am going to close todays post with this;

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.


With Lots Of Love

Momma Tea


  1. I am very worried about dear Richie. I hope he feels a little better today and the meds start to kick in. Poor guy.

    I will be headed to the groomers this week, too - unless my mom tries to do it herself, which is always a big disaster and I always end up looking odd! I can't wait to see Ronnii after her trip to the groomer!

    Frankie is the best, isn't he? I was very touched by his post yesterday. What a special doggie!

    Love, Pip

  2. Dear Miss Tea,
    I will cross my paws TIGHTLY fur Richie and send him some fangtastic Vibes too.
    I am sure he will be better SOON. Especially since Minna Krebs has declaired her Love fur him.
    I can NOT tell you how happy it makes me to be able to show you the support and love that you deserve. I am glad that my tiny gesture kind of boosted your spirits a bit.
    Hugs and Wags and Licks to you!

  3. We love you!

    Big hug to you and Richie!

  4. I has my paws crossed too fur Richii and my mum has hers crossed too and we has 'em crossed fur you as well. Poor Richii, I hopes hoim gets betters soon cuz he has some courtin' to do withs Minna.

    Momma T, please gets some rest and don't worries if you can't blog. We understand and we will always be heres fur you. I wants to shave my head but I ain't gots no hairs!!!!! Maybe I can shave my brudder's head...hehehehehehe!


  5. Ooo ooo!!! I can shave my sister's head too! Puddles always has the bestest ideas.

    Frankie is the one of the bestest furends in Blogville. And so are Ronnii and Richie!! I hope Richie is feeling better today. We have our paws crossed tight for him!

    We love you!!!
    Zona (and mom)