Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tiredness …………. Tell Me About It

I am surprised at quite how crap this radiotherapy is making me feel, I guess I thought because it is not as invasive as chemo that I would not feel so bad but boy was I wrong about that. I have never had tiredness like this in my life, it is all encompassing and there is no getting away from it, Worse luck. I know it will all be worth it in the long run but the long run seems so far away sometimes. I will admit I am finding it difficult to keep positive right now and the smallest problems seem to be blown out of all proportions . I am lucky in that I have a wonderful counsellor I can talk to when ever I need to and she tells me all of this is completely normal and it will pass eventually it just seems like it won’t though.

My Richie is definitely slowing down bless him, he is not keen on walkies anymore and his appetite is not what it was but I am keeping a very close eye on him. He is such a wonderful little chap and I love him to bits, just seeing him curled up snoring on my bed makes me smile. Last night he snuggled in so close to me and we both fell asleep all cuddled up ………. heaven !

So all in all even though I am feeling all down in the dumps and pretty pants I’m still a very lucky woman with two amazingly wonderful dogs, a pretty amazing OH, the most fabulous parents and THE most wonderful, awesome, handsome but annoying son in the world.

Me and the furballs are off for a lay down now


Momma Tea


  1. You and Richie can just enjoy the fact that you have each other to understand the need for a goooooood nap.
    I am so sorry that this therapy is sapping your strength. Let's just focus on the fact that we know WHAT ELSE it is sapping!!!!
    How about the other isssues? Are you feeling like eating? How is your tummy feeling?
    How about your "furs"?? hehehe
    YES you truly are lucky to have Ronnii and Richie and your OH and a fantastic Son and parents. That is a super line up of supporters... and don't forget... you also have US !!!! We are in your corner too. Hugs, Lana (Frankie's Mom)

  2. Don't know what to say so I am sending you good vibes and mega hugs.
    Love Sue -x-

  3. Hang in there, Momma Tea. I know it's gotta be hard but I'm very much glad you haves so many peoples and furries around to help keep you up. Me and my mom both think you are Most Inspirationa. I'm sending you lots of brindle licks and snuggles.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. We agree with Frankie and Mayzie: you have an amazing line up of supporters and we all think you are an inspiration!!!!! Get some rest and know we are here for you!

    Zona and Mom

  5. I am sorry you are having a hard time ... We are all behind you, sending you all kinds of good vibes and love (especially yorkie love which is the best kind of love, right?).

    Love, Pip

  6. I am thankful that you know why you are having chemo and that you know you will recover and be back to your old self soon! How sad that Richie is feeling poorly but maybe he is not interested in eating or walking all because he knows his mom isn't feeling well? Oftentimes pets know exactly how their owners feel and will mimic it. Or am I overreaching here? Or just being too positive?
    By the way, Daisy thanks you for your kind thoughts as she underwent emergency surgery for her bone removal!

  7. Dr. Remington here....I know just what you need....a BIG Newfie hug! There you go! I hope it helped. Take care, my friend....

  8. We are sending our support. When the body is so overwhelmed, it is hard for the brain not to follow.

    Mango Momma

  9. I hope you're doing ok!! Frankie said you're not feeling well at all. You're in our thoughts and prayers!