Monday, 7 February 2011

The Perfect Dog…………. Give Me Perfectly Imperfect Please

This post has been inspired by me reading Tales and Tails post today . If I am totally honest my perfect dog would not be shouty for no reason unlike my Richie, My perfect dog would be perfectly housetrained unlike Ronnii, My perfect Yorkie would have the neatest straight coat with no kinks in it at all unlike Ronnii. But I am not a perfect person so in reality I would not want a perfect dog all I want is my dogs, my dogs and me are imperfect which makes us perfect for each other. The three of us have our quirks and our foibles, Richies is his shouting, Ronnii’s is her peeing and her kinky, wavy coat round her rear end which looks like she has had a demi wave. Both my furballs have attitude all of their own like their Mom, they have unique personality traits which I adore and they make the most unusual noises and I love them for it.

I have had a few dogs over the year the first was Sam, he was bought from a Petsmart store before I wised up to pet stores, he was a lab / staff / whippet cross from a littler of two, his brother looked pure black lab Sam got all the mixed up bits. At the store his brother was racing around like a loon and Sam was sitting there just looking up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and I was smitten. Then I held him and I was lost, he stole my heart in the blink of an eye he was my first dog and I was determined he would not sleep on the bed or go one the couch. What did I know ? We had him about a month when my husband ( Now ex husband ) went away for 3 weeks on business, when he came home Sam was sleeping not on the bed but under the duvet between my feet and he never left. When my son was born I promised Sam that he would never be removed from the bed for our son to get in and he never was. Our son had a single bed put in at the end of his crib and if he needed one of us we would go into him which worked well until the night he climbed out of his crib into the bed never to go back in his crib again. Sam would often join him on his bed to help his get off to sleep but always came to me when I went to bed. He wasn’t perfect he had surgery on both his back kneecaps, they were chiselled and wired to stop them dislocating but he was the most adorable little guy. He was perfect when we went to our caravan he never needed to be kept on a leash like the other dogs there because he had grown up with us going away at weekends he learned to not wander off or bother others, he was well behaved off leash when out walking. When we got to a road I would cough and he would sit I adored him and he hold such a special place in my heart.

P7130013 Photo-0001 My beautiful Sam ( Samwise Gamgee to give him his full name ).

As Sam was getting older we thought we would get him a companion and I was talking to another Mom at my sons school ( my son was about 6 at the time ) and she said she had a Labrador she wanted to rehome ( she could not stand all the dog hair well I am deffo not house proud so it was not a problem for me ) so I said well bring him round and we will see how they get on . So one Tuesday evening she bought Jazz round, thankfully they got on like a house on fire and on the Wednesday night he moved in, Thursday he was neutered and we never looked back. As he was already named Jazz my son ( a big fan of the fresh prince of Bel Air at the time ) decided his full name would be Jazzy Jeff Of Bel Air a big name for such a silly dog. He was/is the daftest, soppiest, silliest dog I had ever met and he fitted in perfectly. He would slobber and bounce around shedding his hair willy nilly and had the happiest, sweetest nature . He was one of those kind dogs well except to Westies he did growl at them after a bad experience with Polo our neighbours one , he was used to just running in to see Sam as our front doors faced each others and he raced in before we could stop in a few days after Jazz arrived, Polo saw a strange dog in our house and went for him at which point Sam launched himself at Polo and mad me jumped in to separate  them and got bitten by Polo in the process and after that Jazz just didn’t like Westies much.  We moved to the country and not long after I separated from my husband and the dogs came with me and my son.

Photo-0018 Photo-0021  Soppy Sweet Jazz.

Then we decided to add another to the mix as Sam was really slowing down and needed someone a little less bouncy for a companion so off we went to the local RSPCA shelter but we could not see a suitable dog in any of the pens so we went to register our detail at reception and the lady on the counter said well we do have this dog but she is a bit smelly as she has bad teeth and the vet doesn’t want to risk a G/A with her and she is deaf so no one really want her. Her owner died and the dog she lived with died when they came in so she has been going home at night with the kennel maid. So we looked at this Saluki x breed and we cuddled, fussed and gave her lots of fuss and she won our hearts smelly breath and all. So our two were bought down to meet her and they both adored her as well so Nifty Nelly as she was named then came home with us and was promptly renamed Willow ( as in Willow Rosenburg from Buffy ) as she was deaf the name change didn’t phase her at all. She and Sam just curled up together as they were both the same age they just gelled so well but sadly it was not to last long. We got Willow in the March and my darling Sam crossed the bridge in May. But the time they had together was wonderful for them they were like Darby and Joan pottering about together and it was good for both of them and for me to see them both so contented with each other. She never caused any problems  except for her odd couch licking habit but whats the odd soggy spot when you have such a wonderful, beautiful girl like her .

Photo-0007 Wills My pretty Willow.

We fostered a dog just before we lost Sam and his name was Troy  ( Troyus ), he was at risk of getting shot by a local farmer as he was like Houdini and was brilliant at escaping and getting into the sheep fields. So he came to stay with us while we found him a suitable home. He was with us for about four months and he was handful at times, he had to be kept apart from our cats and he did try and boss Willow about but he was so soppy. You would hold your arms out in front of you and he would leap into them and he would tell you he loved you with a beautiful howl I would not hesitate in having a small scale husky again as they are just lovely.

P7010042 Handsome Troy

Troy telling me he loved me.


We found him a wonderful home on the edge of the Yorkshire moors with a man who had not long lost his last Husky and he had Huskies all his life, he drove through the night to come and meet him and they really hit it off so Troy went to live in Yorkshire and he later had a lovely young lady come to live with him.

Jazz had always struggled with his weight and now the vet put him on very expensive diet food and my ex husband was missing him a lot and had a huge garden so my son and I made the difficult decision that Jazzy would be better off living with my EH ( Ex-husband ) and to be fair Jazz seemed a lot happier there with so much more room and he has come on in leaps and bounds bless him. My son visits a lot so he does see plenty of him. Now he has had other dogs living there with him as my EH’s new partner had two dogs a Dalmatian and a x breed ( the x breed has sadly crossed the bridge ). It was tough to let Jazz move but it was the right move for him

Things felt somewhat empty and Willow was lonely so we decided to get a puppy probably not the wisest move we have made but we made it anyway. A school friend of my sons dog had just had a huge litter of puppies so we set off to look at them. They were adorable bundle of black fluffyness of the mixed breed variety and my son chose one that looked like Sam. Eventually he was ready to come home with us and Mad Max entered our lives, he lived up to his name and was a bundle of mischief but very lovable indeed. he and Willow got on well he was a bit bouncy for her be he soon learned to snuggle down with her and they would cuddle up together.

max and willow Puppy Max and Willow.

Picture 041 Max,

Sadly not long after this photo Willow crossed the bridge, Max missed her as did we all. our house didn’t feel right anymore and so we decided to move nearer to my folks down on the Kent Coast. My parents found us a wonderful house and we put an offer in before even seeing it. However we had to live in a rental for a couple of months until the sale went through. Then we finally moved in and Max loved the new house as did we. But Max started to get very snappy and as time progressed this got worse and worse and his temperament changed dramatically . My Mom could not come in the house without him biting her, he got snappy with my son and then he started snapping at me too. The Vet let us in no doubt that this would only get worse as time went on as he  had a neurological problem so we made the heartbreaking decision to let him go and the vet helped him cross the bridge.

I could not even consider having another dog after that as it had been such a horrible, heart wrenching choice to make so we remained dogless for over a year. Then after a very messy, painful breakup with my then partner and I got Bertie a sprasset from a rescue group. He was a joy to behold all black, white and grey with a soulful face and a heart of gold. A huge personality which he would show by being as bouncy as Tigger if not more in fact. He would launch himself at you from across the room and lick you senseless, but would curl up in ball so small you would believe it was possible. The ex came back in and out of our life for a while but eventually left for good and I discovered that I had cancer in three different places. Bertie saw me through over a year of treatment which left me weaker and weaker and as my son was now living with my parents it was just me and Bert. I could not look after such a big strong dog properly being as unwell as I was, I could not give him the walks he needed and deserved and Bertie went back to live with his old foster Mom which broke my heart all over again.

25E_thumb Bertie

My son did miss having a dog in his life so my folks made the decision to get him a puppy which would live with me, so they chose a small dog …. a Cavoodle and so Doogie then entered our lives.

IMG_1378 Doogs as a pupster.

A small bundle of sweetness, he filled my days and helped me continue to fight my illness by making me laugh when I really felt like crying. Everyone who met him adored him he just had that effect on people. Life with Doog was fun, he is the comical little lad and he grew into a most handsome young man indeed with a huge love of snow

As you can clearly see……


He charmed everyone including my parents who I never would have believed could become so soppy over a dog, he gets aways with all sorts with them. Whilst buying Doogs a new coat I found out about The little dog rescue and decided to look into fostering for them and so Molly joined us. Doogs was a bit bouncy for her but she coped wonderfully

Doog n mOMO mOMO N dOOGS

but my son wanted to have Doogie with him and as he was my sons dog bought for him by my parents who also wanted Ben to be happy and have his dog with him  so Doogs moved house. I didn’t get much choice really but I wasn’t happy about it and I did and do still miss him. But Molly was just wonderful, I  never imagined a little blind, baldy Yorkie with diabetes and Cushings disease would have such an effect on me and my life. but she did and she continues to do so even though she is not with us anymore. She has left a big hole in our lives but also she has left us with so many wonderful memories . If ever there was a dog to change your life completely then that dog is Molly


So each of my dogs in their own way has been my perfect dog, perfect with their quirks, foibles, bad habits, noisy-ness, piddling, bouncing, chewing, bottom burping, comical skills  and their love all of them perfect for me in my imperfectness.


Wow that was a long winded post for me……….lol



Momma Tea


  1. They brought much love into your life but you also brought so much more into theirs.
    I get so mad over mistreated animals because, unlike us, they have absolutely no control over where they live and who they live with. Dogs love unconditionally...they (and all other pets) deserve the same in return. You are doing a great job mate.

  2. Momma Tea, this is a beautiful post!! I loved learning about the dogs who have a piece of your heart! Mom even got leaky eyes now and then! Thank you for sharing them with us.


  3. Oh, I just loved this post! I enjoyed reading about all of your babies, and of course when I got to Molly I got a little teary-eyed. You mentioned one of your dogs licked the couch... Milly licks my pillow at night before I get in bed which I think is down-right disgusting! lol However, I just flip the thing over and it's all good. :)

  4. Oh, Momma Tea. What a Most Wonderful postie this was. I just luved meeting all your doggies and seeing their pictures and hearing them HOWL. You sure have been lucky to have so many super great dogs in your life and they sure have been lucky to have you open up your home and your heart to them. My mom always says that people may not always get the dog they want. But they always get the dog they need.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Wow, you have given a home to so many wonderful dogs. I think Sam looks a little like Richie around the ears.

    My mom jokes that all of her animals have issues - physical and/or emotional and she wouldn't have it any other way. Of course, I think she may have some issues of her own, but we won't go there. BOL!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

    Love, Pip