Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday Waffling

Well things have been quiet because I have been really pooped after last weeks zapping, but thankfully I didn’t throw up at all which was brilliant I felt sick but that was all. Just very very tired though, I have never experienced tiredness like this before it is bone-numbing. It would help if I could sleep a bit later in the morning but a certain little girl has decided that once her Pop goes out the door to work then Mom should get up immediately and she moans at me until I do. Yes it is a teeny tiny bit annoying ( especially as Richie would happily stay in bed all morning ) but it is kind of sweet and cute too.

I had a rough night with Richie last night, his poor tummy was doing it’s mad grumbly, rumbly, moaning thing again and he just could not settle or get comfortable poor boy. This morning he certainly didn’t want to get up or eat any brekkie and he has …….. now how can I put this delicately…… he has a runny tummy thing going on. So I will try him on some chicken and rice later, give him some pro-kolin and keep a very close eye on him and if he is no better tomorrow I think he may be going to the vet again. My poor boy is feeling a little sorry for himself and is wanting lots of cuddles which I am only too happy to provide for him. Ronnii will be having her girly surgery next month and I dreading that, it is always a worry they have to have a GA but I know she will be in the best of hands and it means she should not get anymore polyps or be a risk from pyometra.

My son had his parents evening last night and I could not connect the wonderful, helpful, polite, quiet, considerate and hard working boy the teachers were singing the praise of because it certainly did not sound like my son. He has reached all of his end of year targets and gone past it in some of them. They are expecting great things from him all of his subjects but especially the ones he is choosing for his GCSE exam options. I am so very proud of him, especially as I have been ill since before he started secondary school. He is also getting a prize at the schools annual prize giving and I could not be more happy for him. To say you can see me swell with pride when I talk about him or write about him would be putting it very mildly.

I received a lovely card from Milly and Shelbys Mom this week  to let me know they are thinking of me, I honestly cannot get over how wonderful and amazing everyone in Blogville is, it really touches me to have the support of all you and I don’t think I will  ever be able to thank you  all enough .


Momma Tea


  1. So glad that you weren't terribly sick!! Hope Richie feels much better soon!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  2. I can certainly understand your pride in a son who has already met his school's goals for him.. for the YEAR.. That is very impressive.
    I used to just LOVE to tell parents about how wonderful their child was.. and hear the same reaction you had. "Are you talking about OUR son/daughter??? He/She is certainly not like that AT HOME!!!"
    My amused response was always the same. "THAT is the Sign of Very Good Parenting. Everyone needs Somewhere to let their hair down (home). But know how to put all of your lessons to Perfect Use out in the World. You are so lucky to know that your son is such a source of joy.
    I hope that he reads this post!!
    Sorry that Richie's Tummy is acting up again. Hope the chicken and rice do the trick.
    She has stopped blogging now.. but there used to be a wonder blogger whose dog talked... every chance she got... about her.... WhoWhoectomy. She talked about EVERYBODY's WhoWhoectomy in fact. It was hysterical. I have never forgotten that wonderful blog.
    Sooooooo I guess Ronnii will just have to put up with Frankie discussing Her WhoWhoectomy... as much as possible. hehehe
    I just had to stop and giggle. I can still recall the Vast number of posts where she would... Show my Horrible WhoWhoectomy Scar... and be rewarded by treats. She did that for the entire 2 years that I followed her. Every few weeks she would trot that one out.. in some form. It always seemed to get the desired results... a ride in the car, walkie, snacks, or play time. LOL LOL
    That one KNEW how to Milk It for sure.

  3. I am sorry Richie's tummy is bothering him. I can certainly relate as mine acts up from time to time. I am an early riser too (must be a yorkie thing). I do not let my parents sleep in EVER - Rosie is even worse than me. Her favorite thing to do is to knock things off the dresser until mama gets up and feeds her.

    Your son sounds very smart. I am sure he will do amazing and extraordinary things with his life. My little sister just turned five a few weeks ago and mama can not believe how fast the time goes ...I am sure you feel the same way.

    Love, Pip

  4. congratulations for that gorgeous son you have =0] i don't know what it feels to have kids but i can definitely feel your proudness and joyfulness and happiness about your son

    have a lovely night