Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thankful Thursday

First of all sorry I am not posting too much at the mo but there is lots going on round here with one thing and another plus am uber shattered but hopefully will be feeling better. My furballs are mithering me to help them finish their badges for the cabinet so we really must try and get them all done asap.

We are so looking forward to meeting JD & Max and Clare, I have to confess that I am getting rather excited about this which is most unusual for me as I normally find meeting new people rather daunting. Maybe it is because I feel like I already know her and the boys after all blogville from our point of view is our big happy doggy mad ( & kitty krazy ) family but for what ever reason I am getting excited and am enjoying the feeling.

Ronnii has been booked in for her whowho-ectomy on the 12th of April and whilst my common sense tells me she will be fine, the Mom in me cannot help but worry as is her Pop but that is human nature really. She has major surgery last year and she had her little procedure earlier this year so there is no reason why this won’t go smoothly too. She is not going to like it if the shave too much fur off though bless her she is quite proud of floofy-ness these days. Most of the time she smells like a blueberry muffin as she has pet head shampoo and conditioner, this brand seems to cope with her oddly multi textured coat the best plus she does smell so divine .

Now as you know we are arranging a little get together to celebrate both Ronnii’s birthday and Mollys gotcha day so the Pop, Richie and I have quite a bit to arrange for that. My folks are giving me money for my birthday and I am going to use that to get a new barbecue grill for the ‘do’ and there will be lots of nommy human and doggy edibles.

Now I know Richie has said his thank you to everyone but  I need to as well. You wonderful, caring, amazing lot have given me the best gift you could ever have given, you have given me peace of mind for my boy and his future and there are not words enough to convey how much that means to me, but you have also given me your friendship and that really does mean the world to me, The Pop and the furbabes. Knowing that there are so many wonderful people in the world is awesome.

you rock

Thank you for you friendship, your support and your caring !



Momma Tea


  1. I am so glad you are going to get to meet Clare and the boys. We wish we were closer and could join in the fun! We expect lots of pictures. As I have said before, the auction helped bring everyone together and made everyone who participated HAPPY! A good thing for everyone! We are one big bloggie family.

    We will be thinking of Ronnii on April 12th. Surgery is always scary, but everything will be fine. Pip is having his teeth cleaned on April 4th and will have to be put under. I am not looking forward to this and will worry all day!

    P.S.: Pip has a particular fondness for blueberry muffins ...

  2. So glad everything seems to be looking up for you! The blog is a great place for love and support. We'll be thinking of Ronnii on the 12th!

  3. I know that you and Clare will hit it off just fine. She is such a super lady. PICTURES... WE WILL WANT PICTURES!!!

    I know how you feel about the WhoWhoectomy. I hate it whenever ANY dog has to be put under. I fretted and stewed last spring when Frankie had to have his dental.
    I loved the feeling that I got when Blogville came together fur Richie and Ronnii. Nothing can match that.
    Most of the time Blogville is just a source of daily FUN.. but when we do get serious... we know how to do it up right.
    I often think back 10 or so years and wonder how we ever got along without our Blogs and the friends who come along with them. I think we live in a wonderful time.