Friday, 11 March 2011


Don’t know why but have not woken up feeling to bright today, feel very down and not too sure why so have done the best thing I know when feeling like this I have had a jolly good blub. So I now have that icky snotty-ness you get after a good blub, plus the red eyes so all in all I must look a sight to behold……….lol  Thank heavens my furbabes don’t care one whit what I look like. Richie is eating again thankfully and his tummy seems to have settled down again thank goodness, I think it as he gets older his tummy is just getting a bit cranky so as long as we keep an eye on him and make sure we give him gentle tum foods for a day or two he will fine. I did get him a special water bowl as he is a terrible gulper and every so often he throws up after a big drink so he now has an anti gulp bowl which makes him drink a lot slower. It also has the added bonus for Ronnii that her chops dont get soaked every time she drinks and saves the floor from all the puddles dripping fur makes. I also got them some salmon oil to help their joints and coats as they are senior doglets I thought it a wise move. I love my babes so much and the thought of anything happening to them scares me silly, so I will do anything and everything to keep them safe and well. I think they already know how loved they are bless them, I will happily wait up at night until 2am for my boy to have his last wee, he has diuretics so his last wee is important for him to have a good restful, comfortable sleep. I can always doze during the day and catch up but his bladder does rule him poor little fellow I do sympathise as it cannot be easy being his age and constantly needing to pee, I think my OH would agree too……………….lol. It comes to us all I guess, I just hope when I reach the equivalent age to my Richie that I am half as fiesty as he is .

I received the letter from my sons school telling me officially about his prize giving it seems his prize will be awarded by a Member of Parliament ! Goodness me I am so proud of him and his achievements, they are all down to his hard work and the support and encouragement of my parents . My illness was very bad when my son started secondary school and I went with him on his first day and my parents collected him and he stayed with them that night, he is still there . My parents have given him stability, boundaries, encouragement and he would not have done as well as he has without them. If he had been here he would have seen things I would not have wanted him to see, days where I have just curled in a ball and howled because I hurt and felt so awful, he would have seen me hit rock bottom and try and claw my way back and no child should have to witness things like that. Especially my child, he may be rude and obnoxious but he also has such a sensitive side that to see his Mom like that would have done irreparable harm and I couldn’t have that. He doesn’t want to come home and whilst I try to understand I am not going to say this causes me no pain because it does, it hurts terribly but I also want what is best for him and for him to be happy and if this is what will do that then I accept it . As a parent all I want for my son is for him to be healthy , happy and loved and right now he is.  He knows I love him with all my heart and I will do whatever I have to do to keep him feeling safe and secure . As a parent thats all we can do isn’t it


Momma Tea


  1. Oh Tea, it's Allison...I have tears reading this about your son. I can't even begin to imagine how you hurt without your son living with you. But, as a parent myself, there is no way I could let Abigail watch me go through what you have had to go through. And as parents we are to protect them at all costs and our feelings are always secondary to theirs and that is what you have done. You are a good mom and I know you love your son.
    I hope you know that you and your family are always in our hearts. We love you all!


  2. You are a wonderful mom and I know some day your son will understand how much you have sacrificed to keep him protected. He sounds like a very special, smart,and extraordinary person - this doesn't surprise me because you are all those things as well!

    I am glad Richie is feeling better. I do think tummy issues are just part of getting older. Pip struggles with the same issues.

    Lots of love,

    Kristin & Pip

  3. Dear Tea, EVERY parent must face the day when their child/children leave the nest. I remember so well the day I had to walk down the long hallway.. as my daughter stayed behind... merrily decorating her College Dorm. room. The odd part is that SOME children are ready to take flight at a very tender age and some are content to stay put until they... nearly push the Parents OUT!
    I have a feeling that you are the very fortunate parent of ... an EARLY BLOOMER.
    OMD... a Member of Parliment will present his award????!!!!!! Astounding HONOR! SIGH
    I think I might be like you... a good cry seems to set things right.
    Good to hear that Richie is still feeling better.
    Salmon Oil... HUMMMM THAT sounds like an excellent thing for both dogs. Do you put it on food?
    I can't wait to see a Demo of the new water bowl!!
    Hugs from the Hill

  4. I hope you are in better spirits, my friend.... Congrats to your son!

  5. Oh dear Tea ♥

    So sorry to learn about your struggles...
    Please know that we think of you often and pray that you overcome the "rainy season" of your life.
    You are a wonderful Mom and your son will come to thank you one day for Everything you are doing for him. Congratulations to him for his well deserved award!

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Amalia (Neeko's Mommy) ♥