Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I had

a lovely Birthday on Monday, I was woken with brekkie in bed and COFFEE my furballs know I am a grumpy wotsit until I have had at least one mug of coffee. Then I got pressies in bed my OH got me a super Barbra Streisand album and I have to confess I adore her, it has reminded me to put up a photo of her I got when I saw her in London when she was last here ( awesome concert one of the best I have been to ). My Furballs got me one of these each


How cool are those cushions ? Richie sneaked in a birthday blog post for me the cheeky boy but it was sweet of him.

We had a very nice quiet day and then our friends came round in the evening and Stevie produced a ooey gooey yummy chocolate Birthday cake MMMMMMMMMMMMM is all I can say ! I got my fav perfume from my son and an unusual tall vase from my folks along with some cash which is going toward buying some new killer heels.

I got a super doggy address book and the most gawjuss doggy photo frame to put a shot of my babes in and I have to say I got a bit blubby as it really was the most perfect choice of gift. The Furballs Uncle Fred & Aunty Wilma know me so well ( Aunty Wilma especially as she did the gift choosing ). Thank you so much you two, I love you BOTH very much and I am blessed to have you both as friends.

There was Birthday messages on facebook and various doggy forum which was wonderful and thoughtful, I have had flowers delivered too I have been most lucky indeed.

BUT yesterday something arrived in the mail………………

Photo1485 This is the front

Photo1483 and this is the back.

My Darling, Wonderful and Amazing Fella had ordered it for me from Deanne Pace the road dogs Mom. Is it not one of the beautiful pendants you have ever seen, the chain is short enough for it to sit inside my Molly pendant she made and my sweet Pip sent me so I can wear them both. Yet again the blub monster visited not surprising really though. I must have done something right somewhere along the road of my life to have such a caring man sharing my life now.

So as you can see this has been a REALLY good Birthday indeed.


As you may or may not know Ronniis whowhoectomy was postponed after she decided to start hurling at the vets yesterday, she was given an anti sickness jab and sent home the minxette, she was right as rain by the time she was home so she is now booked in for next Monday. She had to have another bath though as she had upchucked over herself poor lass maybe she will think twice before trying to wangle out of her op next week. She is just an adorable bundle of floofy-ness she really is even my Dad thinks she is pretty so she MUST be.

Anyhoo thats about it from me today


Momma Tea


  1. Oh Momma Tea, I is so happy dat you hads= such a wonderful birfday! However, I thkns those cushions are very cool BUT, would look way betters withs my pikture on 'em...hehehehehe!
    I knida got teary eyes thinking bouts your son making you a cake. Dat was so sweet of him, 'specially since boys don't tend to do stuff likes dat.
    And da necklace...tears are rollin'!


  2. Ohh bless you Puddles, but I must point out Stevie is my boyfriend hehehe that will give him a giggle I must say, my son is Ben, sorry I am giggling now at the thought of my Steve in school uniform with short trousers............ priceless

    xxxx xxxx

  3. I'm so glad you had a great birthday! Sorry I missed out on stopping in to wish you one! Cheers to a WONDERFUL year for you!

  4. Dear One, I almost flooded my keyboard with happy tears when I saw that gorgeous necklace!!!! In fact the entire post had me leaky.
    I am soooooo glad that you had a wonderful day!!! And sooooo many very loving and thoughful pressies!!!
    I hope the WhoWhoectomy goes off without any more hitches or hurls.

  5. I am so glad that you had a nice birthday! What nice pressies and family and friends you have! They do know you well! That necklace is just perfect and I am so glad it blends well with the Molly necklace. Now you have all three of your babies together with you at all times.

    Love, Pip