Thursday, 21 April 2011

It was

a bit of a day yesterday as Ronnii was sick a lot at first we thought her tummy was upset because she was fretting which would account for it but with hindsight we neglected to rinse her legs after our beach trip so now think she had washed herself which would deffo account for it. She is fine today and has eaten properly today for the first time since Monday, she is still missing her Big Bro though and I think it will be quite a while before that passes. She is like my little shadow at the moment bless her heart but she has Saturday to look forward to and meeting those Super Snuggly Schnauzers boys so I suspect she may go into floozy mode then her being the little minxette that she is. I have to confess I am rather excited about meeting them myself along with their wonderfully awesome Mom. I am off to town soon to buy nommables for the day and hopefully they will deliver them to save me carrying it all home on the bus.

I am off out on Sunday to a dog show and will be meeting up with some good friends there, I am travelling up with Richie’s Aunty Eileen and his fav roomie from when his Aunty Eileen fostered him so expect lots of photos next week of Rio the Crestie and all the other dogs we will be seeing. I expect Snowy will widdle on my leg again like the last time I saw him and I shall be getting snuggles with Sidney the pug pup amongst many others. Ronnii is staying with her Daddy as I think she will worn out from her hostessing duties on Saturday. It will be so good to see old friends and finally meet the laydees who am friends with but have not actually got to meet yet. I think this weekend will do me the world of good, I need to recharge my positivity vibes ready for my review on Thursday and this weekend will be a blooming good way to do it.

Please forgive me for not commenting on all your lovely posts for my sweet wee man but I am having trouble with blurry screens after reading them and am somewhat lost for the right words right now but I appreciate them all so very much. It is such a nice feeling to know he was loved so much by others as much as he was by us here, I am sad that you will all miss him but I know he & Molly will be visiting you all and playing pranks galore. I can just picture them sniggering away as some of you hunt for your missing treats or you favourite ball or when you wonder where that awful smell is coming from and your Moms blame you for it………………….. .


With Much Love

Momma Tea


  1. It will be so wonderful for you to meet with JD, Max, and CLARE!!! Saturday will be a treasure trove of fun and I know everyone will enjoy the birthday party and the pictures to follow it.
    The dog show will be a perfect topper to the weekend. I can't wait for pics of that either.
    Do you suppose Frankie's Dad could blame his barking butt onto a visit from Richie??? hehehe
    I hope you have a good time shopping and that they DO deliver for you.
    Glad that Ronnii is feeling better.
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    Hugs from my hill.

  2. Hmmm... I think Richie & Molly might have been here recently! I was blamed for the most awful toots but it wasn't me!!! ;)

    So glad to hear that Ronnii is feeling better... and that you have full weekend planned to keep you busy. Can't wait to see pictures!!!


  3. Momma Tea,
    Have a fun day! :) Ronnii and you is so lucky to meets Momma Clare, JD and Max in da furs!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Oh, we are all so looking forward to the pawty. I know it's gonna be...what's the word my mom used?...oh, yeah! Bittersweet. But I think it's going to be a super wonderful celebration of both Ronnii and Richie.

    Oh, and I'm very Most Glad that Ronnii is feeling betters!

    I luvs you lots, Momma Tea!

    Wiggles & Wags,