Friday, 1 April 2011

My Super Son

I woke up feeling like poop this morning but I went to my sons prize giving as no matter how awful I may have felt I was not going to miss that for anything. I am incredibly proud of my young man and even though he despairs of me ever being in his words a ‘normal’ Mom when it comes to school occasions I do my best to look like a sensible Mom for his sake. So I sprayed my hair down as best I could hiding all the thinning bits, stuck some slap on my face and off I went. He strode right past me without even noticing me bless him as he went down to take his seat and I sat and had a cuppa with my mom as we waited fro Dad who was parking his car.

Anyway we took our seats and were listen to the school orchestra which was all rather jolly and nice and then Ben’s Dad came in with his Mum. I was a little shocked as she has aged a lot in the year since I saw her last, but it was all very civil and polite which was good.

Anyway all the speeches commenced and the Principles yearly report was pretty good then onto the prize giving YAY !

My wonderful son is the third to go up the stairs……………….



You can’t tell I am proud of him really can you  ?

After more speech-i-fying from our member of Parliament Damian Collins and much as I don’t do politics he was actually rather good. Anyway it was all over and the school lay on coffee and cake so off we all trotted and I made small talk with my ex husband and Mother in law which oddly was not as onerous as in past exchanges. I even took photos of Ben and his Dad together which I will be emailing him, my Dad took one of me and Ben which is a major feat I must say. I just wish I looked less blimp like but of course that is all down to the meds and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it so there !

Anyway here is blimp like me with my wonderful, amazing and tall son Ben

Photo1443 - Copy

My son and his Dad


So even though I feel mega wiped out now it was sooooo worth it and I see him again on Sunday as it is Mothers Day here in the UK so I get to spend even more time with my super special young man.

With Love

A slightly more cheerful

Momma Tea


  1. I think you look wonderful. Your son is amazing and you are quite right in being super proud of him. Well done to you both.
    They are lovely, happy pictures. Thank you for sharing them. -x-

  2. Dear Tea,
    You have told us many things about your Super Special Son... but you failed to mention how VERY HANDSOME AND TALL he is. My Gosh he is already taller than you and his father. I love the happy smile he is wearing.
    I am so glad that nothing unpleasant happened with your Ex. or his mother. Sometimes "THEY" can rise to the occasion and be civil, right?
    What a wonderful wonderful day to cherish.
    Please tell Ben that I send my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS for an academic job well done.
    I hope you have a fabulous time on Sunday.
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely day with us.
    Proud Hugs and MORE HUGS,

  3. Nope, didn't notice how proud you are!!! Hehehehe, your son is very handsome! Glad you were able to experience such a great thing :o)

  4. Hi Tea,

    I saw the picture first on facebook. You both look wonderful (you are being much too hard on yourself!). Lana's right, your son is very handsome and what a smile he has!

    I am so glad things went well today. What an honor for all of you! I can't imagine how proud you are of him and I am sure it meant a great deal to have both his parents there (even if he won't admit it now). My parents divorced when I was two and lived on opposite sides of the country. Although I would never have admitted it at the time, I really appreciated when they both attended my graduation, etc.

    Cheers! So happy had a great day.

    Kristin & Pip

  5. Momma Tea, you have every right to be super duper proud of Ben! And he is such a good looking young man - he takes after his momma! And so tall and happy! Thank you for sharing this special day with us. I hope you have the most fantastical Mother's Day!!!


  6. what a great day you had =0] no matter the looks and the feels it was wonderful =0] congrats again for you two

  7. Congrats to your son AND the proud mom !!
    The pictures are great..
    And I think you look just fab!!!

  8. Congrats! AND you have every reason to be a proud mother, my friend!