Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Life as normal from today, we may not know how long we have but we know it will be good. Life is usually good but from now on it is going to just that wee bit bit more good-er than usual. If our boy wants something different for noms he can have it. He will probably still get moaned at when he is Captain Shouty Mode or Ohh Err Missus I am Randy Richie whats your name mode but I think he may get away with afew more things than he did before.

After a chat with my OH and Ronnii we have decided that Richie can have the same Birthday as Ronnii, I don’t want him not to experience a Birthday ( I learned my lesson the hard way with Molly ) so April 23rd will be Ronnii & Richies Big Birthday Bash ! So I am going to order the doggy birthday cake today for them which should be fun. So we have things to look forward to and anything else is now pushed to the back of my mind.

Now I am off to order Birthday cake and then have sofa snuggles

Tata for now



Momma Tea


  1. Oh Tea... I love the idea of having Richie and Ronnii having a TWINNER Birthday!!! And the Cake is just beautiful.
    My brother used to do this "Thing" at every gift giving occasion. He would get the gift... EARLY.. and then be so excited about it.. that he would give it to you EARLY.. and he always said, "I got this for you. You might as well open it NOW so that you can start enjoying it."
    We always thought that was sooooo funny. But... it was just an example of how he lived his life...
    He felt that you should grab every second and enjoy it!!
    Hugs and Love, Lana

  2. I think a joint birthday celebrations is a WONDERFUL idea! Momma Tea, you are so very clever to think of this!!! We can hardly wait.........what a wonderful time it will be.

  3. Live every day like it is your last! I try to remind my mama of this - she sometimes forgets! She just found out that an old high school friend died unexpectedly. I guess we never know how long we have and we just have to make the most of every moment!

    I can't wait for the party. Ronnii's gift is on its way, but I will have to run out this weekend and pick up something for my pal, Richie!

    Love, Pip