Saturday, 16 April 2011

Weekend Woolgathering's

I am extremely tired today as Richie had me up six time in the night, the poor old fellow seems to be forgetting where he a lot more these days and it is so upsetting to see him standing on the bed trying to work out where the heck he is. He is getting a more wobbly on his legs as well my dear little chap, I hate seeing him like that as it reminds how fragile life is and I really don’t want to think about that so when he has one of his bouncy times I just treasure them and I so enjoy seeing him being a carefree scamp.

The thought of losing him tears me apart but I know now it will be sooner rather than later but as long as he is not in pain or uncomfortable and as long he is happy for more time than he is confused and bemused then I am going to enjoy our time together.  He is such a dear wee soul and he has such a cheery disposition, if you could see him when friends come he gets all shouty with glee and demands his cuddles and it is lovely. His Aunty Eileen came round on Tuesday and you would not have thought there was a single thing wrong with him and it was lovely, his Aunty Eileen fostered him before he came to us so she has soft spot for him. She bought round a comfy collar for us to borrow so Ronnii doesn’t have to wear a lampshade after her whowhoectomy which I am sure she will prefer. She will look funny though the little madam that she. I am hoping she will feel well enough to celebrate her Birthday though, she is going to look so sweet as she had a special delivery from a certain Special Yorkie boy across the pond ( although she doesn’t know about it yet as I am keeping it a surprise ),  Richie and Ronnii had cards arrive from Frankie too but again they are being kept as a surprise for the day. How do I know they are from Frankie ?


The envelope was a bit of a clue !

My two are going to be so happy on the 23rd not only are they having a blog party but they are having an in the fur party too and we will all finally get to meet Clare and JD & Max. I am so excited about meeting them all, I feel like I already know them so it will be just like old friends coming . I am a little concerned about how Captain Shouty & Miss Bossy knickers will react to having two other doglets in their home but I am sure they will be ok. Ronnii may have a grumble or two and Richie will do his normal Captain Shouty but hopefully they will be alright. I am off to order their birthday cake in a minute Oh it is exciting I think I may use Milk bones instead of candles I think they would like that better don’t you ?.

Anyway I am off now to order cake and then hang the washing.

Tatty Bye for now



Momma Tea


  1. Oh, Momma Tea. :hugs: Watching the decline is never easy. I'm happy that Richie still has bouncy, cheerful times though. Every moment is precious.

    We cannot wait to hear about your pawty in the furs on Saturday!! JD and Max are so cool!

    Zona and Mom

  2. Hi Mama Tea, Ronnii and Richie!! WE received your most bee-u-TEA-mus Easter Card...and those stickers of Ronnii to close the envelope, wesa removed and put on the back of the card. We will cherish it! Wesa so sad to hear Richie is not feeling to well and that he hid his age so well, as well!! Wesa had no idea he was a senior doggy...he sure doesn't act like one most of the time'ums!! Maybe that comment will cheer him up (wesa can only hope!!).
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi
    Pee-S: Wesa cants waits for yousa all to meet our other English furiends the FH Clare, and the boys, JD & Max!! If we ever met in the furs, wesa prolly be barking alots...just the way us puggies are to people that we have never met in the flesh and furs befores!! Hehehehe! Wesa luvs yousa all and hope you haves a most wonderful celebratiums! Can't wait to see the goodies!!

  3. We love you, Richie and Mama Tea! Thinking of you both and sending lots of love. Richie is so lucky to have you and I know in his heart (even if his mind is going) he knows you are his mom and he is safe and loved in his wonderful home.

    Love, PIp