Friday, 10 June 2011

Not the best

of weeks this week to be honest. My joints are screaming with pain and I am bimbling about like a little old lady but thankfully the fuzzy n furry ones don’t seem to mind too much. They keep me well entertained thats for sure what with multi coloured vomit n poop from Uji on Tuesday and Wednesday and Ronnii keep winding him up to play then getting humpy with him when he gets a little too rambunctious it has kept me relatively chipper. The OH has had some time off this week so that I can rest more something I am very thank full for I have to be honest. My OH the fella that said ‘I don’t do little dogs’ and who said ‘ bald dogs are just wrong’ is now officially smitten with Uji-ma-flip, how could he not be with his little fuzzy face and twinkling black eyes. The fact he has bought out Ronnii’s hitherto hidden playfulness has helped this along no end in my opinion. You should see the way she drag Uji around the room in the dog bed one end of a tugger or stuffie in each of their mouths it is just so comical. I didn’t for one second think things would go as well as they have done but I am so glad they have and am mightily relieved too as I love both of them SO much.

Uji finally got his first puppy collar put on today and I have to say he looks darn smart in it , what do you think ?



My little fella is growing up so fast but he still hates the clippers and he is in need of some de-fuzzing so going to have to persevere with that next week and hopefully he will get used to them.

The raw diet they are on is doing wonders for them both and Uji’s spots had all cleared up but having that weird treat earlier this week has caused him to break out with about 3 huge new zits so no more of them in his future thats for sure especially the way it upset his tummy. Only good natural ingredients and natural colour treats now and then for my boy and girly, they deserve the best I can give them. Uji managed to get his harness stuck this week as well and he had only had this one a week and it was one I didn’t have to wrestle him to get on. He got his leg and head stuck fast so it had to be cut off so there is a pet store trip needed in the near future so we can get another one. Life with this pup is certainly never dull thats for sure.

He is giving me that ‘ Mom Laydee I wanna go snuggle in bed ‘ look now so I had better do as I am told.

Bye for now


Momma Tea


  1. Frankie's Mom here... Oh Tea I am so sorry to hear that your joints are giving you such a rough time. Do you ever try Heat followed by Cold? Is there nothing that your doctors can give you for the pain?
    I love Uji's collar. It looks perfect with his colors.
    I have an entire Mental Video playing.. of Ronnii pulling Uji around with a stuffie. THAT is just hilarious. Odd that now that they are together.. Ronnii has developed a love of play time. Perhaps it was always there, and she just surpressed it.. in order to make life easier on our dear Angel Richie. THAT would NOT surprise me in the least.
    I have only known one person who kept a harness on their dog. It was a fully grown one when they rescued it.. Collars seemed to bother the dog.
    I do have two harness type things for Frankie but I never leave either on him.. they are just for walking. He wears his collar at all times though.
    I have never heard of a dog that got tangled in their harness. I guess it is lucky that you caught it right away.
    I'll bet you are truly enjoying having the OH home with you.
    I want to thank you again for taking the Wally Melon thingy on. Asta's pics today were sooooo cute.
    Sincerely, Lana

  2. Well, he does look nice with the collar and I am glad to hear they're keeping you on your toes! :)

  3. Hope you feel better soon Tea. Our pets certainly do help us when we are feeling down. They love us no matter what we feel like and still forgive us when we have to do horrid things to the evil clippers. I am glad your two pups are getting on so well. Have a restful weekend.

  4. I'm sorry it hasn't been a great week. But how lucky you are to have your pups to cheer you up. I know that I wouldn't have been able to get through this last month without the antics of my furbabies. No matter how sad I am, they always find a way to cheer me up.

    Uji is so unbelievably cute. I've always been a little like your OH when it comes to hairless dogs but Uji is definitely changing MY mind, too. He is adorable!

    Hugs to you!

  5. So sorry to hear you've had a rough week of it! But so glad you have your adorable furbabies to give you snuggles and lift your spirits! Uji looks so cute in his new collar - how can you not smile looking at his cuteness?! Hope the coming week is better for you!

    The Road Dogs' Mom