Saturday, 3 September 2011

1 year on


A year ago on this day my beautiful girl crossed the rainbow bridge, not a day has gone by since that I have not thought of her. She lives in my heart and always will she may be physically gone but she will be with me for the rest of my life. Molly has left a very great legacy behind her, I am a committed rescue dog owner now, a dedicated second paw-er, part of the pre owned brigade. Never more to buy a ‘ Brand New Dog ‘ but will always open my heart, my home and my life to a doglet that needs a new human to boss around, bounce on, lick and generally make their own.

I read a poem after my gorgeous and courageous girl left us and it has stayed with me as I know it would have been Molly’s wish.


The Legacy
When humans die, they make a will
To leave their homes and all they have
To those they love.
I, too, would make a will if I could write.
To some poor wistful, lonely stray
I leave my happy home.
My dish, my cosy bed, my cushioned chair, my toy.
The well loved lap, the gentle stroking hand,
The loving voice.
The place I made in someone's heart.
The love that at last could help me to
A peaceful, painless end,
Held in loving arms.
If I should die, Oh do not say,
"No more a pet I'll have,
To grieve me by it's loss"
Seek out some lonely, unloved dog
And give my place to him.
This is the legacy I leave behind -
Tis all I have to give.



Run Free My Beautiful, Brave, Amazing Girl, we miss and love you very much.


Love you Darlin Girl







Momma Tea


  1. What a beautiful poem, and it definitely describes you and what molly was like. She chose Ritchie for you just before she went. She was one of the most adorable little dogs I have ever had the fortune of meeting and she changed the life of everyone she came into contact with. Her smile would just melt even the hardest of hearts.

  2. We miss Molly too Momma Tea and we think of her all the time. Prayers are with you today as you reflect on her life and all the love and joy she brought to so many of us in Blogville.

    Maggie Mae and mom

  3. Oh gosh, we miss her so ...she was such a special girl - larger than life, sweeter than sugar, and as lovely as a thousand rainbows.

    Run free, my sweet Molly.

    Love, Pip

  4. Oh, Momma Tea, that was beautiful! I've never read The Legacy before and it's just perfect. I know Molly would agree! We miss her too!!!!