Monday, 28 November 2011

Ho Ho & Bah Humbug ?


I admit this year my Crimbo spirit is hiding itself for some reason, normally by now ALL my cards are written ( the pups have done theirs though and just waiting for them to go into the mail ), the deccy’s are down from the loft waiting to go up, my mobiles ringtone is normally Adeste Fideles by now and I am humming dodgy Crimbo songs and carols. But not this year YET, I am watching all the silly crimbo films on Christmas 24 and I suspect once Ronnii’s surgery is oput of the way tomorrow and I know she is going to be fine I may find it creeping out. I shall then get the deccy’s out of the attic and up at the weekend and hopefully I will be there then.

I also get some pennies at the weekend so I can finally get some Crimbo shopping done, money has been tight here recently what with one thing and another so no shopping has been done yet but I should have everything I need to buy bought by the end of next week.

Sadly though this year I do not think we will be able to put presents under the tree because of a certain little boys new habit of chewing everything in sight that is paper or card related and because of a our newest little girls attractions to shiny parcels…… But I am sure we will manage just fine.

Our friend Lyn is coming for Crimbo day with Joey so we shall have a lovely day and I may even wear a skirt !!!!!!! ( I know shock horror and all that….lol ) But it is a special day after all.

I shall close with a few of my fav Christmas songs

The First Noel
Adeste Fideles
I saw three ships

With Love

Momma ( The Grinch ) Tea

x      x      x     x     x     x     x


  1. You are right on schedule with me. No Christmas decorations up, no cards done, no pressies bought either. We feel your pain of not placing under the tree. As we said on FB the other day Cleo could unwrap a package in 2 seconds. One year I wrapped the same present 5 times. BOL We wrap and place in a sack until the wee hours of Christmas morning then I put everything out and would watch her like a hawk. This year will be different without her I hope the others get into like she did. Have a great day! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. I am sure your Christmas spirit will explode on the scene soon. Sometimes it just needs a nudge. Tree and decorations should do it. I am wishing Ronnii well for her op tomorrow. I am sure she will be fine. I had never heard of Blackmores Night but I love that track. I think that might creep onto my Christmas list. We can't put pressies under the tree so we put soft toys and ornaments under it instead. We put the pressies under on Christmas morning just as we are going to open them. I am expecting some exciting times with our tree this year. The new kitten won't have seen one before :)

  3. I am not much in the Christmas spirit yet either. A friend's daughter passed away a few weeks ago and ever since then I have been in a pretty dark mood. Life just doesn't make much sense sometimes know? I need to snap out of it and get my cards out, decorations up, etc.

    I know Ronnii will be just fine! We will be thinking of her tomorrow and sending lots of good wishes.

    Kristin & Pip