Wednesday, 30 November 2011

In the still of the night

I am sitting downstairs with Uji & Izzy sleeping one each side of me and I have had a bit of a blub. Ronnii is tucked up safely with her Daddy both of them snoring I can hear one of them down here but I wont say which. Ronnii’s spay went well but the vet found a lump which is being sent of for tests and as she had a large mammary tumour removed I am more than a little concerned. I know what ever the outcome we will do what ever is needed and I have not blubbed because I am feeling sorry for me but I feel so helpless as we all do when our furbabes are unwell. I think the lack of sleep with Izzy and her seizures is not helping either to be honest but hopefully the fact they are worsening could mean she is coming into her season ( the vet she saw when she was in rescue thought they were hormonal ) so once she has that we can organise her spay and hopefully that will ease those for her. Uji continues to do well and although he still hops on and off I think it is more habit now than anything as when he and Izzy start playing rambunctiously he totally forgets about it.

I really hope 2012 is better for the trio healthwise than the last few weeks and I am sure that it will be better my little pack can only get better from here on in but it does take it out of you emotionally but you do what needs to be done don’t you ?

I love my wonky little trio so much and they bring so much joy, laughter and love into our lives it is certainly worth a little emotional roller coaster ride. I will let you all know Ronnii’s test results as soon as I do but please keep her in your prayers please every little helps.


Momma Tea


  1. Crossed Paws and Drool for the Trio. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Sending lots of healing vibes for Ronnii and all the others too.
    Blessings -x-

  3. We are praying for her!
    ~Milly and Shelby and Maggie (the Mom)