Saturday, 17 December 2011

No Words


Our household was left reeling and heartbroken yesterday with the terrible news from Houston, Our amazing friend Sandra who does such amazing things for rescue dogs and is an awesome pibble advocate lost her home to a fire. Not only has she lost everything but she lost 5 of her beautiful furbabes, Gorgeous Guero , Lucky,  Tiger, Coco Chanel the Queen of the Universe and blogvilles Sweet Shelby.

Each of The Houston Pittie Pack came to Sandra with a sad story and each of them learned what being loved was like from her, each of them has blossomed under her loving care. We all followed Shelby’ story from the day Sandra found her dumped in a car park covered in bites and almost at deaths door, She did not hesitate in opening her heart and her home to Shelby, she was nursed back to health, she gave birth to the pups she was carrying, she went through heartworm treatment all with Sandra right by her side. Sandra found homes for all of the pups and continued to lavish love and care on Shelby and all her pack. In a nutshell she is one of the most unselfish, caring, unselfish and giving people I know. Thanks to her those most beautiful five dogs have crossed to the Rainbow Bridge knowing they were loved and knowing she did everything in her power to save them.

I am thankful Sandra , her baby and her Mom got out safely along with Brinks and Bella the remainder of the pack, the fact that Sandra and her Mom had to be pulled out of the house by firefighters whilst trying to save her dogs is testament to the strength of their love for their furbabes.

A chip in account has been set up just click on the picture of Brinks & Bella below to be taken there.

zbella & brinks

The chip in money will be used for immediate needs such as clothing, baby essentials as well as long term needs such as insurance deductible, lost wages and anything else that insurance may not cover.

As usual blogville has rallied as it does in a crisis and as of this evening the chip in has raised $3,685, it is indeed humbling to see just how supportive and caring our blogville family is. That is what we are a family we may not be a conventional family but we are there for each other, caring, supporting not just financially but emotionally and spiritually. We share each others highs & lows, our joys & despairs, our mad & silly moments and our losses, it does not matter that some of may never meet that is irrelevant what matters is how we are with each other and that we are there for each other.

So to the rest of my family I say a heartfelt Thank You for not only being there for Sandra and the pack but for being the wonderful family you all are. You are all Amazing, Wonderful People and I feel truly proud to know you all.



Run Free with all our furiends Guero, Tiger, Lucky Coco Chanel and Sweet, Gentle Shelby


With Love

Momma Tea & The Trio


  1. Oh goodness. Here I am crying again. Very well said. What a sad event. I just cannot imagine being in that situation. They would have had to make me leave the house, too. I am glad Sandra and her family are ok. What a sad sad situation.

  2. Great post. He post I read it just gets more heart breaking. It is amazing how the blogville community has come together for them. Oh, I hope you don't mind I am using your last picture on my blog post today. I snagged it from Mazyie. Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Sherri

  3. This was beautifully said, thank you. I just can't believe it. I keep trying to wrap my brain around this and make sense of it somehow, but I just can't. It's cruel and unfair and senseless and just so wrong that this could happen to a beautiful giving, loving family and their angel dogs who had suffered earlier in their lives and then survived only to meet such a terrible end.


  4. Tea, this was one of the most beautiful posts I've read about this horrific tragedy. You put into words so eloquently what I've been thinking but couldn't figure out how to say. And of course, I'm crying again like I've done so many times over the last 36 hours. I just can't quit thinking about it. And every time I do, my heart tears a little more. Like Kristin said, it just all seems so wrong, so unfair. I just hope that all together we can help Sandra make it through the darkness to the other side.


  5. Dear TEA,
    I have saved reading THIS post for the end of the day... I just KNEW that you would put the words that I need to see, and hold tightly to, on here.
    You never EVER fail us. Bless you for saying what needed to be said... in just the RIGHT WAY. THANK YOU Sweet One. THANK YOU

  6. Such sadness. But what a wonderful community we belong to.

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  7. As always Tea, you do have the right words, thank you for such a wonderful post. I can count on you to say what I wish I could say but never know how.


  8. My sisters and i would like to send you my sincere gratitude for helping support the HPP.

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,
    Your new Friends - Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva & Truffle too

  9. Great post! This is so sad....

  10. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of these beautiful creatures as well as the loss of the house... I can only hope that Sandra truly feels the love and caring from the blogging community, and knows that she is not alone in her time of sadness. I hope she can get back on her feet soon. Thank you for making the blogging community aware. Best wishes.


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