Monday, 12 December 2011

Turdles, laughs, tears and useless gifts


I love the blogging community especially the dog blogging ( and kitty bloggers too ) , the antics of some of the wonderful characters can make me smile even on my darkest days. I find myself whooping with joy at some of amazing accomplishments they achieve unexpectedly, I howl with laughter at some of the tails that are told . I had one of those tears running down my face with laughter posts last week, it was so funny that even when I read it to my friend and then my OH I was in hysterics every time I said the word ‘TURDLE’, this particular pawesome doglet has such a way with words especially when it comes to snowmen. There are few very special doggy bloggers that I always read first as I know that they will start my day well. However there is a side to being an avid animal blog reader that breaks my heart, when one of them is sick or crosses the Rainbow bridge. I find myself sitting here with tears streaming down my face and my heart aching for their pawrents their is always someone who needs our prayers and healing thoughts. I sometimes find myself not wanting to open a certain blog if I know someone is very poorly because I dread reading bad news but I still open them. We all support each other through all our highs and lows and are their for each other, we are a family, a mad, crazy , funny ,slightly dysfunctional family at times but a loving caring family all the same. We may live hundreds or thousands of miles apart and we may never actually meet but none of that matters at all we are there for each other.

Now I know not all readers are as mad about animals as me and mine but can you all please put out a wee prayer or healing thought for a dear kitty whose name is Ginger Jasper he is very poorly at the moment and we all know how hard it is at the best of times but at this festive period it seems even harder somehow. Jasper is a very much loved English ginger floofball whose mum and dad adore him and I can understand why, he is an adorable bundle of snugglesome love.

Anyhoo onto other things now, my sons Crimbo list this year was a pricey one hardly anything on there in my price range except for one and even that was pushing it a little but I duly ordered said item. When it arrived boy was I disappointed it was mega plastic-y and looked really cheap and tacky. It was called the astro eye planetarium and was supposed to shine stars onto your ceiling well it shone what looked like paint splashes onto the ceiling. I was not a happy Mom I can tell you, so I phoned the company up to sort out returning it and was told “ yes that fine to return it but once we receive it back it can take up to 14 days to re credit your money “ !!!! Well my GHAST was well and truly FLABBERED I just don’t have that sort of money laying around to buy a replacement gift. In these days of electronic money transfers and banking you would think they could do better than that really don’t you ? Thankfully my folks have offered to order the new gift I have chosen for my son and I can pay them when the money is re credited to me and I think my son will like this one far, far , far better !

I started working on a Crestie Christmas bauble yesterday and I am rather pleased with how it is going but I wish I had checked my paint supplies before I started as I have no black acrylic for the outline Grrrr and one of my furbabes nommed on my best paintbrush the little madam ( not mentioning any names but she is old enough to know better……………lol ).

Lastly please excuse any typos that occur in our posts but my L key is being very naughty at the moment and not always coming out when I wallop it. On that note I shall close.

Seasonal love, peace & happiness to you all

Momma Tea


  1. What up momma T? Girl, I so understand how you feels bout da laughs and antics some of these blogs provide. Sometimes I can read a post so darn funny dat I'll laugh for days. And I loves how we all support eachother during difficult times...never met any 'em but da support is's like a big gigantic, extended family.
    Kids and expensive toys go ahead in hand...hehehehe.


  2. Your L went to .... "L"????

    What??? you want to have that NO L Crimbo song runnin through everybuddy's head fur DAYS??

    OH YEAH.. Some blogs have me rollin in the mud laffin my tail off.
    Did you see Minnie and Mack's post today??
    Mack made Santa Paws Scream like a Girrrrrrl when he stepped on his Crotch and then.. after the pictures were FINALLY taken.. Mack got down and layed out a Walkin POOP ..right in FRONT of Santa Paws. BaaaaaaWAAAAAAH
    My mom says the retailers are VERY much Fast to take the greeen paper/Plastics.. and VERY VERY much SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOw to give it back. The dirty sons of Grinches.
    Glad that you got the exchange thingy worked out.. aren't parents the very most Bestest in the world????????? I am sure there will be a mostest Happy young man on Crimbo morning.
    My mom will NOT allow Ernie NEAR her Painting Stuffs... Well, in TRUTH (being the season fur THAT).. she doesn't allow ME near it either.
    Licks and Wags and Crimbo Cheer to you Auntie Tea!!!

  3. Don't know what we would do without our daily giggles, fun and bloggie friends. Not sure how we managed before we started blogging!

    Rosie walked across our keyboard and pulled up the letter O. It now works only half the time so I am sure our posts are filled with typos as well.


    Kristin & Pip

  4. Dearest Momma Tea.
    You are one of my very favorite people in the whole universe. No one is as loving, generous, and kind spirited as you.

    I'm sure your son will love anything he gets, because it's from you.

    Merry Christmas with so much love and admiration.
    Julie (Leo and Grady's momma)