Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bring me four fried chickens and a Coke.


Well I went to see my Doc on Thursday and the results are in and I do have this fibromyalgia, Ohhhh deep joy. Nothing really changes it just means I have a name for why I hurt and have a multitude of other symptoms, it does however mean I may get a little financial help from the DWP but we shall see on that front they are sending me some forms to fill in. So we can live in hope on that front. The doc is also going to send me to see an epi specialist as my meds are not controlling it as well as they should ………. oh well tell me something I didn’t know….lol.

On a more upbeat note SUMMER seems to have found us in the UK but not sure how long for as it is usually a fleeting thing here but the doglets are enjoying it. Poor Zigs was getting to hot though so yesterday I shaved him down for the first time and I have to say he looks so handsome all smooth. His furnishings on his feet look blooming awesome.

Plans are afoot for a proper web site & online store for our doglet clothing which is mega exciting and I have purchased a domain name in readiness. It will be nice to have our own collections and we may bring out a range of hand made collars as well. It is amazing how owning a specific breed of dog can change the direction of your life isn’t it ?  My furless babes really do make such a difference to my daily well being and state of mind, sure they drive me to distraction sometimes ( especially one with an ear bleedingly high pitched bark that barks at anything that moves on the tv he thinks he needs to protect me from ), but they give me so much joy and pleasure. They do make me cry too like when Izzy suddenly started to play with toys recently, I just sat and watched her entranced with tears streaming down my face. We want to get Zigs into a training class as he is still a little lead shy and he is not always too cheery when other doggles come to visit us, I think eventually he would be awesome at agility but that depends on the OH and how commited he would be to it ( he does have a lot of other things he is commited to ) but I can picture him flying round a course with his furnishings flying. Ohh now that would be a sight to behold.

So all in all even though I have some problems health wise still ( and always will have ) life is pretty darn good !



Momma Tea

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  1. What a great positive attitude. Hoping things get better, health-wise.

  2. Dear Friend,
    Just the KNOWING that it is Fibro. takes some of the sting out of it I would think. I hope that you do get some help with this. Of course filling out the forms can be a HUGE pain in the A$$. hehhehe
    I know exactly what you mean about the dogs... they can certainly make a huge difference in how you feel.. mentally. Frankie and Ernie make us laugh on days when we would otherwise be SCREAMING.
    Good luck with the New Dog Clothing venture. THAT is quite exciting.
    HUGS from our HILL, Lana

  3. When you get the forms, make an appointment to see someone from D.I.S.K - Disability Information South Kent. They are near Sainsbury's in town and they can help you with the forms. I know that it is good knowing that you have an answer, but I also know Fibromyalgia is not the most pleasant of things to have. Hope your up days are more often than your down.

  4. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis - but at least you know and can start dealing with it.

    With your positive attitude I am sure you'll do just fine and I've got my paws crossed for you.

    What an exciting plan for a new website. Keep us posted.

    Love and licks, Winnie