Monday, 14 May 2012

There and Back Again

Well here I am again after spending Saturday day, Saturday night and Sunday morning dog sitting Doogie for my son and my folks. It was very odd seeing as Doogs used to live with me when I first got Molly . The best part was it is so quiet and peaceful where my folks live so I really enjoyed the tranquility and solitude and also getting some time off from being Uji’s springboard and bouncy castle.

It did give my still sore boob a break which it seemed to be happy about……………lol. I got the results back from that last Wednesday exactly when they said I would and thankfully no nasties lurking but they do want to keep and eye on it. I am a bit hurt a certain someone has not remembered to ask if my results are back but then I know this certain someone lives in his own world half the time and I am kinda used to it but still………. you know.

We had a wonderful day out to London last week, I showed the OH all the parts he never normally goes to, we started at Trafalgar Square, walked to Leicester Square where I was horrified to find the bronze statue of Charlie Chaplin was NOT there , they are doing renovations so I am hoping they put him back. I will have strong words to say if they don’t. I dragged him round China Town and he didn’t seems to impressed to see all the ducks hanging in windows even if he didn’t say so. Then I took him to Ed’s Easy Diner in Rupert street. This is an American style diner and I love it there, the food is always good , the staff courteous and fun and I always come out stuffed and as for the shakes ………… Well heaven on earth is all that can be said for their peanut butter shake ( the only one I ever have ), OH seemed to enjoy it as much as I have and we have vowed to go back again, that could have something to do with the buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup he ate with gusto. After that a walk up to Piccadilly Circus and a leisurely stroll down Regents Street. We detoured into Carnaby street for me to drool over all the shoes in the Irregular Choice store, the a quick nose around the wonderful Liberty Store before heading to Hamleys for the OH to ogle toys. We carried on into Oxford Street but for some reason that is just like walking up any town high street these days so we hopped on the tube ( subway) for Knightsbridge and Harrods . I had to have a rest before entering because by now I was seriously starting to flag which is the nature of the beast these days sadly.

However upon entering I was again enveloped in the splendour of the store and The Egyptian Escalator still always make me smile with it decadence. I headed straight for the only department I ever buy from in this wonderful but over priced store Pet Kingdom. I find it funn I go to London for a day out and the only thing I even think about buying is something for the pupsters. After perusing the doggy smellies, over priced bowls, collars and walking strings we settled on two packets of dog treats. All natural, no added grain and perfectly healthy for my babies. It did give me the chance to use my Harrods loyalty card for the second time ( the first being when I got it and bought Doogie his first grooming spray and walking string ) so I now probably have all of 2 loyalty points.

I have to admit it was now a struggle to move at all so OH took me down to the oasis that is the Harrods Tea shop for a much needed cuppa. It was a lovely pot of tea and it was nice to rest my now very painful body. Afterwards we had to get back to the railway station so we started walking ( well OH walked I struggled ) but on route we met a beautiful Italian Spinone with the most gentle expression, he was lovely and I got a good fuss in with him. We decided to hop on the bus to Charring Cross and were almost thwarted by the ticket machine eating my money and not delivering the tickets but a phone call to the ticket company sorted that out rather quickly. We had a bot of a walk from the bus stop to the station but we made it in the end although by now I was rather worse for wear. It was good to get on the train home and as for the welcome we got when we came in well it made it worth going out if you know what I mean. I have certainly paid for the indulgence of day alone with the OH but it was well worth it as we have not been out just the two of us in well over a year.

Onto other news now Izzy will have been on her Pheno for three weeks on Wednesday night and joy of joys no seizures this alone is wonderful but my little girly is really coming out of herself now, she plays with toys now !!!! yes you heard me right SHE PLAYS WITH TOYS ! The first time she did it I cried ( I know I cry at the drop of the hat but hey that’s me and I won’t change ), it is so amazing to watch her become even more pawesome than she was already. She now plays rough n tumble with the boys although she does get the odd time out as she is not quite as gentle as she should be when she gets carried away. But my Izzy is blossoming and I could not be happier, it is her Barkday on Wednesday and she will be four and it seems finally she is living her life as it should be, well loved, pampered, happy, playful and healthy. I could not ask for more.



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  1. Lots of good news in this post. Your results came back good AND Izzy is feeling better! What more could we possibly ask for in a post. I am doing my happy yorkie dance!

    Also, sounds like you had a wonderful time in London.

    Love, Pip

  2. Excellent news about Izzy!! AND I am soooooo happy that your Boob is happy. THAT tickled me!!! It set the mood for the entire post..

    My Gosh... I loved your trip through London... and your descriptions made me feel like I was right there.. like a shadow.

    Hugs to you my friend. Lana

  3. I'm doing the "Happy Dance" that your booby results were negative. Wahooo.

    Thanks for sharing your trip to London. Since my chances of getting there are probably just about as good as my surviving teenage daughterhood, I can at least now say that I've seen first hand pictures. It sounds like you had an awesome day with your sweetie.

    Love and Hugs (Newfie style)