Friday, 8 June 2012

Busy Bee’s

Well things here are a bit busy at the moment what with one thing or another. We have an slight problem with aggression with Ziggy and Uji but we are working on it as best we can, I think it as Zigs is coming up to his 1st barkday he is trying to work out where he fits in our little pack and Uji is making sure he knows he isn’t the Alpha male and Zigs is testing this. So right now Zigs is going for long walks and adventures with his Popsi and we are using distraction techniques which do seem to be helping but when they don’t whoever starts it gets a time out. Zigs is going to the vet tonight just to check there is no underlying medical issue but I don’t think there is other than a runny butt today. As neither myself or the OH have had to deal with anything like this it is a learning curve for us and to see all the baring of teeth and snapping and snarling has been scary especially when Zigs snapped at me and then his Popsi but I know it was the situation and not us per se he was snapping at. Part of my problem is Zigs is a very strong boy and I struggle to hold him when he has a mind to beat his little big bro up, sometimes being unwell really does suck big time but hey ho we will get there we are not about to give up on our boys .

On another front our blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat as what with dealing with the boys, my medical probs and trying to build our new web site that has had to come last. If you notice a change in the writing style of Ziggys posts I am letting his Popsi take over helping Zigs with them as I am not on their adventures so I cannot help Ziggy write them.

The new web site is taking shape and as soon as all the new stock is made and photographed I can add it all and we should be up and running. Sounds easy doesn’t it ? But it is not as easy as I thought it would be and is a heck of a lot more time consuming and fiddly but I guess some of that is because it is all new for me so again it is a learning curve. We have a nice new logo being designed by a very, very talented young lady which is based on Uji & Izzy and some of our clothing which I am MEGA excited about as I know it will knock everyone’s socks off when it is unveiled. We have new lines planned and I am already sourcing fabrics from around the world for our Winter collection. This is where I need all my doggy blogging furiends help too if you could let me know what you look for in your small dog clothing for the winter months that would be awesome as yet we are not making coats but we will be looking into that and maybe a line of collars to match out garments what do you think ?

Anyway while all was quite here I just thought I would make a quick post explaining some of the things that are going here in the wet n very windy UK


Momma T

Ps. This pic is for Frankie & Ernie

Daily Morning Picdump No. 91_77

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  1. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee you put SNOWMEN ...THREE of them Up there!!! I almost peed on my mom's CHAIR !!!

    We certainly DO understand when thingys get bizzy. NOT a PROBLEM.... We are HERE fur you when you have the time fur us.

    HEY... you furgot to mention all the Wedding Plans to be dealt with... hehehe
    PeeS.... I do hope that you will get a chance to see MANGO's Post for today. It is one of the best I have read in AGES. Sort of covers exactly what you are saying and MORE.
    Now don't get SOOOOOO bizzy that you furget to REST and RELAX a bit. HUGS from OUR HILL to YOU and your crew!!!