Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Well Princess Izzy

Has been on her pheno now for a week and so far so good, she has a petit mal last Wednesday but the med was not really in her system then as she had her first dose at 9 pm last Wed. Since then nothing ………. I am so stoked, she is eating well and had a major first this week she started to play toys with the boys. I have to confess that made me blub like crazy with happiness. She is blossoming on this medication and I feel guilty now for not trying it sooner, I know my girl wont blame me it is only because I was so worried about the effects of this drug on her system. With careful monitoring we can hopefully catch any changes that this med may cause. You can’t help but worry when they depend on you completely for their well being can you. Anyway as I have said so far so good.

I saw a rheumatologist recently about all my pains and problems and although she confirmed my osteoarthritis in my knees she did not think my pains we caused by rheumatoid arthritis she does however think my symptoms fit something called fibromyalgia. I have not looked into it to deeply yet to be honest as I would rather not know until I know for sure if this is what it is but if it is this then I will deal with it the same way as I do everything else one day at a time. TBH I am getting sick of going to hospitals at the moment as I have yet another appointment this Friday for a needle biopsy, I am not to worried as it is more of a precautionary measure than a real concern but still not much fun really. 

I have a cunning plan after my biopsy though I am off to the fabric shop to buy some more fabric paints so our jammie, dress and T shirt fabrics will become even more unique which is exciting ( simple things please simple minds so they say LOL ). I do enjoy the process of dyeing, painting and creating a one of a kind piece of fabric though. It is very therapeutic and as I cannot do most of the things I used to do it makes me feel useful again even if it is only to myself. I just wish I had the marketing skills we really need to make this little venture really take off. I am sure in time I will work it out.

Anyway off to snuggle with the baldy babes now and start another doodle



With Love

Momma Tea

xxx         xxx


  1. Your doodles have an almost 3D effect. I think they are wonderful.


    I will have my paws crossed for this to continue and fur your mum when she has the Pokey Bio thingy.

    I love what your mum did to the textiles.

  3. I hope all is going well with Izzy's new med and that she no longer has to worry about the nasty seizure monster.

    I too love your doodles, and your truly artistic ability. Hope your owie is a small one and that you feel better soon.

    Love and Newfie hugs and smoochies
    Leo, Grady and Mom.

  4. Oh no. I hope it isn't Fibromyalgia. I'm going to share a couple of names with you on Facebook which are people who suffer with FM. Although it would explain a hell of a lot, including the tiredness.

    As for the doodles, they are awesomeness incarnate.